APA Academic Writing (1/5)

Welcome to academic writing guide where one could indulge in the joy of scientific explorations. Writing itself helps with finding new ideas, and academic writing is expressing findings with the help of citations. Paraphrasing is not the purpose of academic journaling; it makes the facts get lost among millions of paraphrased papers. If you crave to bring new ideas, writing seems excellent. Before we start, some tips here:
1. Try not to take notes when in a class or passing a course. Taking notes -whether written or recorded media- weakens our abilities and leaves us in primary memorial level. Intelligence is voracious exploring without fear of forgetting.
2. Your efficiency and effectiveness are contingent upon the passion you grow inside. It will decide when you ace academic writing. Put the focus on your unique thoughts and strengthen them.
3. You crave to be an academic writer and start modeling some genuine scholars. A personal style sounds more magnificent.
4. Writing is not only dedicated to the writers' realm of the pen. Lexical resource expansion brings us critical thinking, scientific method, and epistemology.
APA is the initialism of the American Psychological Association and the APA style is the leading manual for academic journaling in social sciences.
APA style is about citation and other academic disciplines are proposing other citation styles, such as MLA, Chicago, and more. See Office:
Citation helps journals avoid plagiarism; it makes us credit the sources (offering credibility to our papers) and showcases our effort in the scientific method. 
Shortcut: an example of citations for a printed book in our imaginary paper:
Citation typeModel
In-text citation(Author last name, publication year)
[Narrative] In-text citationAuthor last name (publication year)
Reference Page citationAuthor, F. M. (publication year). Title of work. Publisher.
F. stands for first name initialism, M. for middle name – dots are important in reference page citation


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Amirreza Mobini, 9 August 2022