Maestro Majid Hedayati: the Contemporary Calligraphy Center کانون خوشنویسی معاصر ایران

Majid Hedayati (1977) holds a dignified viewpoint toward all styles of Nastaliq. He criticizes the monopoly in Persian calligraphy styling. Kalhor school and other maestros of art are his source inspirations.

He has trained multiple Nastaliq lovers in Momtaz (excellent degree) and Foghe Momtaz (teacher training degree) so far. Members of the Contemporary Calligraphy Center enjoy superb plans such as Nastaliq calendar occasions, or welfare credits for card holders.

Magnificent Khayyam's collection by Maestro Majid Hedayati available:

You can see more of Maestro Hedayati on the Community's Instagram Page or on Telegram Channel.