Maestro Morteza Jahangiri: Calligraphy is Meaning and Vision in Consensus

There is a joyful and familiar sensation in his gallery where artists and students assemble; Morteza Jahangiri (born 1960) is a professional art performer of both Nastaliq and Shekaste-Nastaliq holding excellence in writing. You can meet him in his gallery in City Theatre, Tehran.

He has more than 100 students of different ages; teaching Nastaliq techniques individually to each student, Jahangiri is a Persian literature enthusiast. When giving our samples, he chooses a verse from Hafez or Ferdowsi and starts the performance instantly with no hesitation. Let’s take a journey into some of his huge collections:

In 2021, he exhibited some artworks in Golhay-e-Davoudi Institution of Art and put great pieces of art on view:

Persian Nastaliq is a spiritual expression of literature and meaning. Iranian masters have developed this calligraphy from the 13th century.

Nowadays there is growing number of Nastaliq fans who relish this beauty of unlimited love and aesthetics.

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